• Mercedes Benz GLA-Class from 2012 Stormforce car park, car garage, carcover NEW

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    Storm Force

    4-ply, fully breathable, completely waterproof car canvas for the

    Mercedes Benz GLA Class from 2013 GLA200 CDI, 220 CDI, 250, 35AMG



    Stormforce 4-layer fully tailored car cover:


    The Stormforce covers are our best-selling waterproof covers and can also be used indoors.

    We have designed them so that they are suitable for almost any storage situation, at any time and in any climate.

    Made from a four-layer material that is waterproof yet breathable.

    The cover is slightly padded and has a soft, scratch-free layer on the inside.

    Designed for durability and reinforced against stormy weather, they are light enough to be quickly and easily assembled or removed.



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    -> matching accessories such as security locks, microfiber dusters and Flexi fast dry water leaves can be found in our shop.

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