• Mercedes Benz GLA-Class from 2013 Apollo full garage, car garage, carcover NEW

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    Durable outdoor covers treated with a Teflon coating for the Mercedes Benz GLA Class from 2013 GLA200 CDI, 220 CDI, 250, 35AMG


    Apollo completely customized premium outdoor cover:


    The Apollo cover is made of an exciting fabric, this is very durable and was treated with a Teflon coating.

    This allows water droplets to bead on top of the fabric and drain easily.

    They are made from a military specification fabric that is extremely durable and durable, providing the highest level of protection for outdoor use in any climate.


    Since this cover is completely custom made, the delivery takes 2-3 weeks





    -> matching accessories such as security locks, microfiber dusters and Flexi fast dry water leaves can be found in our shop.

    You also have the opportunity to ask us about it.




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