• Mercedes Benz GLA class from 2013 Voyager full garage, car garage, cover NEW

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    strong & lightweight waterproof cover for the Mercedes Benz GLA-Class from 2013 GLA200 CDI, 220 CDI, 250, 35AMG


    Voyager breathable car cover for indoor and outdoor use


    voyager cover uses modern, highly technical, ultra-light breathable fabrics. It is characterized by its strength, durability and surprisingly high tear resistance.

    These covers are easy to install, require little storage space and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use in moderate and extreme conditions.

    In very hot climates or in Arctic regions, they will work much better than most other types of tissue and withstand prolonged use.

    The water-repellent fabric does not absorb moisture and water droplets can be shaken out of the cover when removed.

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    -> matching accessories such as security locks, microfiber dusters and Flexi fast dry water leaves can be found in our shop.

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